Colourful Andalusia

Andalucia is so colourful! Like the red for the spanish chili pepper. Yellow for the 3000 hours of sun a year. Blue for the wonderful blue skys, Orange for ofcourse the oranges, green for the palomino grape, white for the albariza soil, black for the Osborne toro (which is  the best known sherry symbol worldwide) and we and again with red because of the coulors of the Spanish flag and the passion and amor of the andalucian people for Flamenco, tapas y vinos de Jerez!

Spanish cuisine is so fantastic and even the best restaurant in the world is Spanish; actualy there are three Spanish restaurants in the top 10! But also outside Spain the Spanish gastronomy is on a high level which is fabulous because sherry also is the best versatile wine ever. A diner at Patxaran in Haarlem and ofcourse with my beloved sherry. Starting first with a apéritif of a good glass of fino Inocente. After that a magnificant 12 course menu dégustation with a range of beautiful high quality sherry. Ending with a second dessert with PX El candado de Valdespino.

It shows, enjoying Spains best export products abroud and making Sherry once again the drink that can not be ignored….Cheers!

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